Steam Table Adapter Plates and Grates



ViewItem NumberDescriptionPackinnermasterSubcategoryPatternColorManufacturer
View PagePGF1018Pan Grate Footd Msh 10X18 Fsst1eaeaPan GrateFull SizeMetalRoyal Industries Inc.
View PagePGF510Pan Grate Footd Msh 5X10 1/3St1eaeaPan Grate1/3 SizeMetalUpdate International
View PagePGF810Pan Grate Footd Msh 8X10 Hs St1eaeaPan GrateHalf SizeMetalRoyal Industries Inc.
View PageSTP12ABSteamtable Adapter Bar 12 S/S1eaeaAdapter BarAmerican Metalcraft Inc.
View PageSTP20ABSteamtbl Adaptr Bar 20" S/S1eaeaAdapter BarAmerican Metalcraft Inc.
View PageSTP268APAdapter Plate, With One 6 3/8" && One 8 3/8" Inset Holes, Usa Made1eaeaAdapter PlateRoyal Industries Inc.
View PageSTP28APAdapter Plate Fs 2-8.5"Hole1eaeaAdapter PlateRoyal Industries Inc.
View PageSTP36APAdapter Plate Fs 3-6.5"Hole1eaeaAdapter PlateRoyal Industries Inc.